Monday, November 25, 2013

Art Collection

In art class, we were all told to bring in two items that are blue. It's really cool to see the things that people would bring in. There was many interesting things. Art class shows many things about us and brings out things that people don't know about us. Such as, our drawings, paintings, sketches, etc. The collection that the art classes created, including my art class, shows a lot about the time we live in. Our collection shows our interests because people brought in the things that they like to do, what they collect, what they thought was cool or what ever the reason was.

Portia Munson is a really interesting artist. She does collections of her owe, of colors. she has many collections of all things that are pink. I wonder if she just found all the pink objects and put it in a pile, or things that are meaningful to her. Heres a link to one of her collections.

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